Support S 3391

On December 14th Senator John Kennedy (R LA) introduced S 3391, an identical companion bill to HR 935, which will begin moving through the Senate Banking Committee.  To speed things along we’ve been working closely with several other US Senators, both Democrats and Republicans, to co-sponsor this bill to affirm that it has broad, bi-partisan support.   We’re also working with Senator Toomey’s office, Ranking Member of the Senate Banking Committee, which has expressed interest in including our bill as part of an omnibus bill on small business capital raising which we’re told has an excellent chance of being enacted by this Congress.

Right now your US Senators need to hear from YOU that this bill is important to you and to the thousands of private business owners in your state who will one day seek your assistance to sell their business.  Take the time now to reach out to your senators and urge them to co-sponsor/vote FOR S 3391.

No need to look up your senators names, addresses, and honorific salutations. No need to compose your own letter – unless you want to. Just click here, and enter your zip code, name and address, and edit /send a letter that has already been drafted for you!

S 3391 Text