Contribute to BIEF

BIEF Contribution / Pledge Card

Projects are being considered now. Among them are:

  • Internships for college students to introduce them to the profession
  • Provide scholarships to “Train the Trainer” course to improve instruction of education course given locally
  • Endow university chairs to write articles for publication about this profession
  • Coordinate programs to build recognition of the profession within university business schools focused on small privately owned business
  • Conduct research into the roles of business brokers and intermediaries

The Business Intermediary Education Foundation, Inc. is a not for profit organization.  Its formation was funded by a one-time grant from the International Business Brokers Association.   However, BIEF is an independent organization for the broadest benefit of the profession and is neither owned nor controlled by the IBBA.

BIEF’s success will be measured by its impact on the profession and its professionals.  It will be funded by them and others touched by them.  BIEF encourages all business intermediaries, business brokers and merger and acquisition professionals to contribute money, ideas and participation.   Success will depend on financial contributions from many individuals and companies.   Your contribution, of any size, is welcome and appreciated!

For more information, call today.  Any BIEF Board Member will be pleased to hear from you.